Monday, October 21, 2019
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.

Income for September 2015 was under budget and fell short of expenses by $762.19. With the exception of August, 2015, every month of 2015 has seen expenses exceed income. Although we could have managed for a few months of 2015 with a mismatch of income to expense because of our small surplus from 2014, we cannot sustain a continuing drain on our cash assets.  Pastor Carol’s letter of October 1 pointed to three actions to minimize the impact of the 2015 year shortfall:  1-no longer set aside 10% of the Sunday offering for building maintenance; 2-return $1,600 from the building maintenance fund to the general fund; 3-return to making the regular $342 payment on the parsonage. These measures will ease our cash-flow problem for the remainder of the year, but further adjustments will be required.

For more information, contact Linda Yoder, finance chair.

The full September statement is accessible from this link.